Our Android labs thrive on innovation and design…

We make winner android applications in diverse categories.

1. Master Developers

Our Android development team is an NDK pro.
Developing apps in all popular app categories on App stores.

2. Enhanced performance for Gaming Apps

Developing gaming and animation that packs extra performance
In native code is our forte.

An expertize on all CPUs and architecture

We know that hardware matters with every native android app.
Our engineers manage ABI for all android devices in the arena.

4. Vulkan for 3D graphics and animation

Vulkan,3D graphics platform for Android development, a tool our designers have mastered to create larger than life animations for native Android and cross platform applications.

Our Android Labs

Our Android apps’ lab  specializes in all popular mobile app categories on the Play Store. From Gaming to Business and Non Consumer Apps, we have everything that falls under Android app development covered.

We are constantly innovating for device connectivity, cloud connectivity and native feature compatibility in our apps.

App Categories in our Android Portfolio:

1. Retail

2. Healthcare

3. Enterprise Apps

4. Media and Entertainment

Speaking Tree

Speaking Tree: Speakingtree.in is India’s first spiritual social network online where over 1,30,000 spiritual enthusiast discuss spirituality under the guidance of world renowned spiritual masters like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Deepak Chopra, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Daily spiritual dose is also available as an additional feature on the app which gives daily quotes to the user.

This app acts like a spiritual social network for all the followers under the guidance of world-renowned spiritual masters.

About 500K+ downloads

Built in Native android to seamlessly integrate features such as videos, cross app interactions and sharing.

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