Rapid adoption of apps​ in aviation domain! ​

Do you know how many people currently travel by air transport? It was 3.6 billion people in 2016; the IATA forecasts that it will be 7.2 billion by 2035, an astounding double of the present figure. All of these passengers – business travelers, tourists, families heading to reunite and backpackers are busy and preoccupied individuals who increasingly rely on mobile applications…

Future of How Hospitality Does Business - Enabling AI

Artificial Intelligence takes a cue from an assortment of diverse fields such as Computer science, Psychology, Linguistics (sentence structure and tagmemics), Philosophy, Neuroscience and Artificial psychology to name a few. The gist of this concept is the ability of a device to discern a situation or a necessity to give the most conducive result with promptness. The ultimate sine qua…

programming language

Choosing the right programming language for a mobile app can be a tough decision for developers. Depending on the type of app and the kind of features, a developer wants to bring to life, picking the right programming language is part of the magic formula.

So, whether it’s Swift or Objective-C, it makes sense for developers to keep updating their knowledge about the Pros & Cons of all the programming languages out there.

In this blog, we decided to pick on one of the newest languages on the block. 


If we do a quick recap of all that mattered in the mobile services industry, it would be right to say that the arrival of Mobile VAS was a significant turning point for all the stakeholders. Whether it was SMS, MMS, USSD or interactive voice response (IVR) for that matter, VAS was the most viable option for mobile users for…