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MOOCS and online apps

In the first episode of MOOCs and online courses we discussed the advent of online courses. We also discussed the basic features one needs to employ in order to build an app that replaces conventional classroom teaching. In the sequel to the same we will discuss the more complicated features and the future of these applications. One in four students…

mobility solutions for manufacturing

Automation first came to the factories with the hydraulic lifts in the simple fluid mechanics that lowered the manpower involved in pulling up heavy goods and machinery. As science advanced so did the automation processes and now with the leaps we have taken in web and mobile technology, factories and plants are moving towards hassle free floors, paperless administration. In…

MOOC and M-Learning

In 2012, two professors from Stanford, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig decided to offer ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ for free online. Designed to reach out to an English speaking population under the prestigious Stanford banner. There were 160,000 Applicants and the seed to the open online education platform Udacity. Two more platforms came into being within that year Coursera and EdX.…


The client is one of the biggest creative company having one of the largest image collection of Indian images and Videos & produced over 300+ world class models and photographers across the globe, the client came to Affle AppStudioz to develop an app that will connect the fashionistas with models & photographers.