Games App Development

Build your gaming apps with us for larger than life animations, advanced touch and motion gestures, rich sounds and graphics.

2D and 3D gaming applications

We create games for rich media campaigns running on web apps and for the conventional native platforms that cater to gaming enthusiasts. Different platforms need different tech specifics.

Our skilled animation and design team works for creating graphics and figure in 2D and 3d planes. Depending on the requirement for your app we can create interfaces that suit you.

2D and 3D game

Rich Graphical Interfaces

Animations and figures that are larger than life.

Seamless Action Events, Touch and Gestures

Understanding device and screens for better user interaction in gaming movements.

Including the Latest Features

Be it motion gaming on handheld devices, in-app purchases, social media leader boards, our games come loaded with exciting features.

Diverse Platforms for Flexibility

We have built games in hybrid and native technologies. Trust us for skilled development in Xcode, C#, Corona, Unity and Unity 3D.

Farm Riders

Riding on the success of simple, uncomplicated games Affle Appstudioz built a mobile app game called the Farm Riders. More than just a gaming app, it was a customizable application to build rich media campaigns for web advertising.

The game has a simple plot, which is to help your farm animals escape the butcher. Simple swipes and taps on the touch screen accomplish all functions and make an interesting and absorbing activity.

24 game screen

Scalable Code

Customized features, upgrades and Freemium plans were the highlights of this game.

Touch and Motion Gestures in Game Development

Smooth touchscreen interactions, seamless and customized gestures for motion detection in gaming.

Cross-Platform Gaming

Hybrid development for compatibility with popular OS and even web browsers for extracting the maximum from your gaming experience.

Rich Animations

Mobile screens come to life with our tasteful and lively graphics built to suit the game premise.

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